Franchise Ownership Models

Regional Developer

A Regional Developer (RD) model is where an agreement is purchased with a Franchisor, giving the Franchisee the exclusive right to build and develop locations for certain geographical areas.

  • The Regional Developer Franchisee opens and operates a Franchise location managed by a hired staff
  • Supports other Franchisees in territory with help of their staff
  • Collects ½ the Franchise fees and royalties from Franchisees
  • Sell Franchisees into the Regional Developer market territory they own
  • Help Franchisees with recruiting staff
  • Corporate 76 FENCE trains all Franchisees and staff in RD model to support territory opened and other Franchisees


Area Developer

Franchisee owns the entire designated marketing area and develops clinics/rigs/vans in the marketplace.

  • All markets are exclusive to 1 Franchisee and then the Franchise territory has a vehicle requirement depending on population, as demand sees fit. (Not a Master)
  • Franchisee keeps all the profits of their territory



Franchisee acts as “Investor”

  • Corporate Management Company Franchisor will set up and manage the business for the Franchisee then operate at “go live” 
  • Franchisee spends 30-40 hours to set up the business over the first 3-4 months, then 5 hours or so a month after the business is open
  • Franchisee works “on” not “in” the business after setup



Manage the Manager

  • Franchisee hires a manager with Corporate’s help. This employee oversees the day-to-day tasks
  • Manage the manager and the financials of the business
  • Keep your job; 5-10 hours a week




  • Franchisee focuses on hiring and managing the staff
  • Staffing: Recruit, train, and mentor the staff with Franchisors help
  • Market locally to attract clients (sales)
  • Daily operations of the franchise
  • 40+ hours a week